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Business Acceleration for Youth (BA4Y)

Business Acceleration for Youth (BA4Y) is a five- year innovative program supported by USAID Malawi and led by the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT (ABC). The BA4Y exertion is grounded upon an adaptability- led sustainable strategy and aims to work the power of the private sector to reduce the need for long- term philanthropic backing. Main motive is to accelerate and invest in youth- possessed or youth- led enterprises. BA4Y will develop a sector- agnostic investable channel of businesses by de-risking and mobilising capital and establishing an inclusive and diversified private sector ecosystem.

Infinite Innovation Technology was established as an engine to support wealth creation in Malawi based on Malawi Development and Growth Strategy (Malawi Agenda 2063) through the strengthening of SMEs and startups and facilitation of partnerships and knowledge transfer. IIT its approach emphasizes on facilitating partnerships between SMEs and financial institutions.

IIT has been involved in Acceleration programmes focused on post-revenue, scalable, ambitious, and innovative startups. The acceleration programmes and activities support and accelerate startups and entrepreneurs while providing them with the full circle of resources required in their growth. Leadership development is an integral component in the activities. IIT focuses on Cohort based acceleration programmes; Support of later-stage ventures with business advice, strategy input and access to investors and Advisory services and solutions to funders and organisations seeking to support entrepreneurs / startups and their ecosystems through various resources and interventions

IIT was contracted by Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT (ABC) for the implementation of the Business Acceleration for Youth (BA4Y) for Nsanje and Chiradzulu districts. The project’s objective are as follows:

• To incubate youth-led enterprises through intensive training and practical guidance
• To culture them risk analysis and capital mobilisation
• To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of youth-led operations
• To prepare youth-led to be investment ready by building them confidence
• To facilitate peer-to-peer learning throughout the engagement whilst leveraging the private sector gaps
• To accelerate in achieving growth through financing mechanisms.
• To support businesses to diversify their offering and build resilience
• To support post-grant/co-finance award activities

Some of the Lighter Moments With BA4Y Incubates

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